Catamaran Group Nigeria Limited

Catamaran Nigeria Limited is a consultancy company providing specialized services for infrastructure development, operations and maintenance. We provide unparalleled efficiency and refreshing insights that impact positively on key areas in the provision of adequate infrastructure to drive economic growth. We have strategic working relationships with leading international Consultancy and Technical Advisory firms and transportation specialists. Together, we offer Strategic Infrastructure Development Consultancy services to clients requiring expert advice in development of infrastructure to promote economic activity globally. Catamaran is actively involved in all aspects of Infrastructure development, operation and maintenance including:

  • Public Private Partnership Advisory Services;

  • Transportation Consultancy;

  • Infrastructure Development Consultancy;

Catamaran occupies a leading position in the transportation sector. Our expertise covers all areas of transportation infrastructure development, operation and maintenance and our representation has substantial breadth across sector and geography, with the provision of business case, planning, design, supervision and maintenance consultancy services. In particular, we offer our expertise in project management, risk management, operation, finance, economics, institutional strengthening and transportation planning.
We work with the public and private sectors in the design and execution of procurement processes, the identification and evaluation of funding sources and assessment of the appropriate risk transfer and commercial arrangements. We work closely with bidders and investors to secure winning tenders through structuring of the SPV, developing bid strategy, designing management structure, financial and business modelling. We also undertake infrastructure investment planning and feasibility studies through to full design and implementation of multidisciplinary projects.