We are responsible for the cleaning of the LILB and shall ensure that the LILB, toll plaza area and control centre are always clean, free from dirt, litter, debris, graffiti, and any other unauthorised stickers.

The LILB roundabouts shall be suitably landscaped and all living elements such as flora shall be tendered to so as to create a beautiful environment at the roundabouts.  All signage shall have lettering and symbols that are visible to users of the LILB at all times.  All designed patterns, colours, and markings shall be intact, clear, and visible, and all operations shall be carried out in accordance with Good Industry Practice, using materials which are of the type, colour, and tonal values as similar to those which are in the immediate surrounding area.

We are also responsible for the provision of power supply and lighting on the LILB and shall ensure that all illumination and lighting on the bridge are undamaged, free from dust and dirt, and functioning at all times.