An e-account is an electronic account with LTC that gives road users electronic access at the toll plaza with the use of an e-Tag/Touch & Go Cards. Road users with e-Accounts are issued with an e-Tag that is placed on the windscreen of the vehicle which will be read by an RFID sensor to allow passage on the LILB.

Road users are also issued with a Touch & Go Card to allow passage through the LILB by touching the touch and go reader installed at the toll plaza.  An e-Account attracts a 10% discount on toll tariffs which translates to paying less and spending less time at the toll plaza.

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e-Account Top-Up

To top-up an e-Account, payment can be made at all Interswitch enabled ATMs and POS terminals and into LTC Accounts in all banks or online via the following online channels:




Smart Card

Smart cards are electronic pre-loaded cards that have a pre-determined value and number of trips for Class I and Class II vehicles for use on the touch and go reader installed at the toll plaza.  The cards attract a 5% discount and can be purchased from our RTCs stationed on the LILB or from our customer service office.  A Smart Card can also be converted to an e-Account which will attract more discounts on toll tariffs.

How to register

Registering for an e-Account with LTC is simple.  Completed registration forms are submitted to our Customer Service office with copies of a valid means of identification and vehicle license of the vehicle(s) for which the e-Account is registered.  Registration forms can be downloaded online on the LTC website or picked up at the Customer Service office.  Multiple e-Tags and smart cards can all be linked to one e-Account. Download Application Form Here >>