Lagos Tolling Company (LTC) was incorporated on 27th July, 2010, by Catamaran Nigeria Limited, to provide Electronic Tolling Services (ETS) and toll road operations within Lagos State.

In January 2013, Catamaran Nigeria Limited in partnership with Efkon SA was granted a 10 year concession by the Lagos State Government for the operation and maintenance of the ETS on the Lekki Ikoyi Link Bridge (LILB), to be operated by LTC.

Catamaran Nigeria Limited and her Technical Partner – EFKON SA PTY – a company specialising in Automatic Fare Collection Systems for toll roads and Intelligent Transportation Systems, designed, procured, installed the ETS, and set up the operational organisational structure for the operations of the LILB.

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Catamaran Group Nigeria ltd

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EFKON (SA) Pty Ltd

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